Florida and ‘doing’ Disney

‘What – no Disney?’ I asked in abject horror. I think if Hubby had suggested cutting off my left arm I would have been more amenable. A last minute opportunity for a week off in November – there was always only one place I wanted to go. But having ‘done Disney’ the previous year Hubby […]

Christmas Cruising

Home at last! It was almost four years to the day since Hubby and I had taken a longing glance back at the Emerald Princess in Miami – not knowing if/when we would be back. Ironic though it seems, since I set up my travel agency as a result of all of my travelling, I […]

Intrepid Tours

 20% off Intrepid holidays until 9th January 2018! 10 day Vietnam Tour– From £668pp Experience the best of Vietnam’s hustle and bustle of culture at Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Visit the Beautiful Countryside of Halong Bay and the Mekong Delta. Experience the rich history and imperialism of the Hoi An. Included Activities: HCMC – […]

Journey to Japan

This is a brief-but-wordy overview of my adventures in Japan – if you would like to find out more about this amazing country, or for help planning your own journey, do give me a call on 01473 231181; Japan is one of those places that everybody needs to visit. It is an experience. The cities […]

Namibian Adventure

Rhea Williams recounts her fabulous journey through the African country of Namibia (all images in the gallery © Rhea Williams); Namibia… What a wonderful name for a country and what a wonderful place to visit. We flew via SA and the best terminal ever, where you can shower, have a meal, and generally feel human […]

A cruise ship for all!

While not everyone says they would enjoy cruising, this does not exclude them from having a perception of what it may be like. The ships are too small, too glitzy, too stuffy, too crowded. You get the picture. If this is you then please don’t give up just yet. Here is my attempt to maybe […]

Experience Uzbekistan

ALL IMAGES © RHEA WILLIAMS Our customers are constantly going on amazing adventures to every corner of the planet, but every now and then someone will go somewhere really unique, and it’s amazing to hear about their experiences. Dr and Mrs Williams did just that when they went to Uzbekistan during the summer. Here Mrs Williams, […]

Married in Vegas: Our West Coast Adventure!

It’s always exciting for us in the shop when a customer has a really unique holiday idea. Our customer Lilly had just that; getting married in Vegas. It happens all the time in the movies, but not so much with real-life travellers from the UK, so we were really excited to hear all about it […]

Hand Luggage Essentials

Whether it’s a short hop over to France or a 22-hour flight with stopovers, packing your hand luggage so it’s within height and weight restrictions is an art form. It can be so easy to overpack (who DOESN’T need 10 books for a four hour trip??) and as a travel agent, we feel our expertise could be of help here!

Tokyo: City in Review

Tokyo is one of those iconic cities, which a lot of people have added onto their ‘must see’ lists recently. Francis Street spent an amusing few days there but absolutely loved it, and he’s given us his top tips for getting the most out of your trip! I flew from Heathrow with Qatar. As it […]

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