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    Visit Borneo and see the orphan orangutangs, join in the New Year water festival in Chiang Mai Thailand, go by coach to the Golden Triangle or by rail to the River Kwai. Cruise around the South China Seas. Take the iconic railway from Singapore to Malaysia. Be amazed in China at the lifesize Terracotta Army standing to attention or enthralled at the wonder of the Great Wall. Enjoy a refreshing Singapore Sling in the iconic Raffles Hotel after a day’s shopping in Orchard Street Singapore.

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Mekong River Cruising

Asia is criss-crossed with many of the world’s major rivers and boats are an authentic way to travel. These rivers are the ancient lifeblood of the communities and cultures that have developed on their banks. Dramatic scenery, lush deltas, the hustle and bustle of trade plying the waters, all still evident today. Many of Asia’s highlights are best accessed by boat: whether it be the Yangtze’s Three Gorges in China, Vietnam’s lush Mekong delta or the 4,000 Islands of Laos. With the best of both worlds it is possible to step ashore to experience the vibrancy and colour of local life and whilst on-board watch the world go by from the seclusion of your room.

From Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap

Beginning the journey in Vietnam’s bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh, it is not long before the modern world is left far behind, replaced with the timeless floating villages and remote Buddhist monasteries along the Mekong River. Experience the tributaries and canals, floating markets and island villages, the lifeblood of Indochina. Explore traditional Khmer villages and pre-Angkorian temples and discover the cultural and historical sights before re-emerging into the historical and exotic capital of Phnom Penh. Cruise the Tonle Sap Lake where wildlife flourishes amongst ancient flooded forests with sightings of rare birds and turtles possible. Finally arriving Siem Reap, be amazed at a true wonder – the largest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat.

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India Your Way

India – Your Way

Step back in time when you visit the countryside of India, the serenity of green paddy fields, the soft movements of the elephants feet as you try to spot the elusive tiger. In contrast visit the cities, the hectic traffic weaving around the sacred cows, feel the peacefulness of the Taj Mahal. From north to south, there is a piece of India that will capture your heart.

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Far East – Your Way

Diverse and exciting. Relax on fantastic beaches, sample fresh vibrant food straight off the markets, ride an elephant, meander through the clongs, be amazed at the beauty, hustle through the bustle of cities featuring great mix of old and new. Take in the history and culture.

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4 Holidays Found
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